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 - - -> www.kakos.eu : Main family portal.
 - - -> www.law-services.eu : Kakos Law Office portal.
 - - -> www.court-documents.eu : Court documents online (beta/inactive)

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Our goal is to promote innovation and simplicity. We have ideas and solutions that can be customized for small companies with small cost. Free generic demo examples can be downloaded for most of our applications. We provide software developers with free source code to help them in creating useful software for todays competitive environment.



Our applications and services are innovative ideas and solutions which can be useful for a software developer. Moreover our solutions can benefit small businesses (consisting ideally of up to 20 employees), with some modifications. Large companies should seek other software vendors more capable to assisting them with their needs.



Kakos Bros Solutions develops software packages for...

  • Knowledge Management
  • Problem Solving
  • Human Resources Management
  • Robot Path Planning
  • Production Programming & Management
  • Company Communication
  • Crisis Preparation Tools
  • Materials Requirements Programming
  • Basic Internet-Based Applications

You can see details of our applications here. Please contact us if you want to change the initially freely distributed generic source code so as to use it in the production environment of a small business (ideally with less than 20 employees). With a small cost you can have a fully customized application for an enterprise!

We also have a small repository of completely free special-applications, targeting very specific needs of the end-user (including AI and cryptography projects). Furthermore, we provide free resources for ASP.NET Applications and Web Services developing in order to help other developers [see relevant page for ASP.NET and Web Services in our site]. Our site contains tutorials and resources for Commodore programming.

Our ideas / "products" are all covered by SODA (SOftware Development Assurance). This means that we guarantee their continuous improvement in terms of structure, functionality, performance and usability, thus making sure that we - along with you - stay in front of any new developments in the software industry worldwide.

For information about our currently available ideas or on how to modify freele-distributed source code into enterprise solutionsplease contact us at stasp@hol.gr or at skakos@hotmail.com.